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The name Euryphon, comes from the ancient Greek physician Euryphon who was known as the contemporary of Hippocrates. He has lived in Cnidus, Caria (south-western part of Anatolia) and founded one of leading medical schools of his era there.




Dr. Nilgun Kustarci Hunca is an adaptable and multi-skilled professional with extensive experience in in the healthcare industry. She graduated as a doctor from Istanbul University, Faculty of Medicine in 1982 and received a Ministry of Health Certificate of Specialization in 1989, specializing in Gynaecology and obstetrics. She studied Hypnosis Therapy and also participated in postgraduate training programs in different countries, including an Endoscopy training directed by Dr. Mishra’s Laparoscopy Hospital in India.

Dr. Nilgun Kustarci Hunca has over 25 years of experience working in different hospitals and her own practice. She was one of the founders of Rumeli Hospital, a private healthcare institution in Istanbul. As an Executive member of the hospital’s board, she was responsible for multiple organizational tasks related to the hospital’s management, such as administrative and human resource duties. For this, she made use of the Master’s in Business Administration degree she obtained in 2009 from Bahçeşehir University’s Programme of Healthcare Management.

Further to her role at the hospital’s board, Dr. Kustarci Hunca worked at Rumeli Hospital from 2005 to 2018 as a staff doctor and then as a Vice Chief doctor. During this time Dr. Kustarci Hunca also directed a monthly magazine affilliated with the hospital where she also edited the crossword and science pages.Throughout her labour as a healthcare professional, she developed an analytical mind and the ability to make swift decisions in stressful environments.


Additional to Dr. Kustarci Hunca’s medical and management skills as well as her devotion to healthcare, she is a craftswoman with a strong artistic vein. She practices to design and to make jewellery in traditional manner of Ancient Grand Bazaar, besides working on acrylic painting. Her natural inclination for art illustrates her innate creativity and inventiveness. She also has attained her amateur sailing license, yet other of her varied aptitudes which add to her resourcefulness as a multitalented professional.


Due to an excellent academic and career background in both patient care as well as healthcare administration and operations, Dr. Hunca is uniquely skilled in providing B2B consultancy services to target clients within the UK. By leveraging her experience in founding and actively managing health institutions, she strongly believes her insights into patient care, human resources, quality improvement, fiscal planning, logistics, medical inventory management and research&development  will be beneficial  for clients of Euryphon LTD.

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