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Healthcare Planning Support

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➢ Analysing, assessing and evaluating creative and innovative solutions to work within the healthcare institution for greater engagement and improving the quality of care in medical services.

➢ Developing strategic development plans and service planning based on market research which includes latest healthcare trends, population health and demographic analysis.

➢ Preparing efficient business and management strategies and embed new processes, focusing on issues such as inter-department integration and patient care, and helping create a new service model reflecting evidence based best practices.

➢ Designing strategies and working on issues related to human resources, recruitment and talent acquisition.

➢ Boost the organization’s productivity and provide advice related on aspects related to finances, technology, equipment and facilities.

➢ Handling the administrative side of healthcare institutions, such as managing and advising on daily operations including admissions, billing supplies, handling of patient records.

➢ Clinically advising and/or managing a healthcare institution or a specific department within it – such as gynaecology and obstetrics- by determining goals, hiring and engaging staff and allocating budget, amongst other responsibilities.

Gynaecology and Obstetrics Support and Research


➢ Providing specialist research related to gynaecology and obstetrics, including assisting colleagues interpret and validate results.

➢ Giving some advices to arrange processes in the examination and travaille room for improving quality.  

➢ Organizing some informative trainings about wellness during pregnancy, puerperium and breast feeding period.

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